Welcome To Knife Making Guide

Hello everyone,

Aiden BlackI’m Aiden Black. Welcome to my blog dedicated to knife-making, forging, and metal engraving. This platform will provide insights into the techniques, tools, and processes I use in my craft. Whether you’re in the industry, looking to learn, or just interested in the art of metalwork, I hope you’ll find valuable information here. Let’s get to the heart of the craft and discuss the intricacies of working with metal.

About my Blog:

All the information in my blog is divided into two main categories: Guides and Tips. In Guides, I publish reference information about the materials and tools that will be needed for knife-making. In the Tips section, I have gathered all the useful knowledge that I apply in practice, including tutorials on making knives, tricks in sharpening and finishing, and advice for beginners that will help avoid mistakes and make this hobby truly fascinating.


In the “Guides” section, I publish reference information about the materials and tools required for knife-making. This can include:

  1. Material Selection: Details about different types of metals, woods, and other materials, explaining their properties and what makes them suitable for various parts of a knife.
  2. Tool Overview: A comprehensive list and explanation of tools necessary for the knife-making process, from the initial shaping to the final polishing.
  3. Safety Guidelines: Important safety instructions and best practices to follow to ensure a safe working environment.
  4. Resource List: Recommendations for where to purchase high-quality materials and tools.


The “Tips” section is a compilation of all the practical knowledge I apply in my craft, including:

  1. Knife-Making Tutorials: Step-by-step guides on creating different types of knives, from basic to advanced levels.
  2. Sharpening Tricks: Tips and techniques on how to sharpen knives properly, achieving a razor-sharp edge.
  3. Finishing Techniques: Advice on various finishing methods to enhance the knife’s appearance and performance.
  4. Advice for Beginners: Helpful insights to help newcomers avoid common mistakes and make their knife-making hobby truly enjoyable.
  5. Advanced Techniques: For the more experienced makers, I delve into complex methods and skills to take their craft to the next level.

I’ll be glad to see you again!

Best, Aiden Black